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In the appeal, his lawyers asked for leniency, arguing Okazaki was under mind control of the cult's founder Shoko Asahara, 46, whose real name is Chizuo Matsumoto, at the time he committed the killings and that his confession contributed to solving the crimes.
With these acknowledgments, the author of Journey Into Madness launches a full detailed investigation of mind control, medical torture, and other frightening exploitations of the human psyche and body by doctors concerned primarily with selfish goals that were placed above all ethics, morals, or human feelings .
Award-winning strategy video game developer, Mind Control Software, announced today that it has hired former Vice President of Digital Gaming for Wizards of the Coast, Randy Buehler, as Vice President of Business Strategy.
For a start, what if a couple have a Mind Control device each and dad wants to watch the football while mum prefers Come Dine With Me?
com)-- Trends expert and noted keynote speaker Daniel Levine is following one of the most cutting-edge trends in smart technology - mind control.
Eisenhower revealed that she had been recruited by an agent in 2006 to take part in a mission to a Mars colony, but she was been to break free from the mind control techniques.
The programme also features a selection of his greatest television moments from his early Mind Control specials via Russian Roulette Live, Sance, The Heist, Predicting the National LotteryLive and his incredible live tours to the recent Hero at 30,000 Feet special.
This time, his ex-girlfriends father, an expert on mind control is meddling with the latest Presidential race in the United States--and he must overcome countless obstacles to get back to America to stop him before it's all too late.
00) provides engrossing action in telling of a medical nanotechnology advancement which affects psychologist Natalie's research, suddenly catapulted into a sinister mind control project.
Mind Control And UFOs: Casebook On Alternative 3 is a compilation of hidden events and secret programs that will boggle the unprepared mind.
Interviews with staff and inmates at the mental institution where Pope had been incarcerated lead Lucas and fellow cop Sloan to a trio of inmates known as "'The Big Three," psychopathic sexual predators who appear to have the ability to exercise a form of mind control over some of their fellow prisoners.