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Overall, organic acids were more lethal than mineral acids.
The sample preparation by digestion with different mineral acid in different combinations used to get rapid and better recovery percentage.
Novelty in wet-acid digestion on hot plate lies in applying 6 different compositions of nitric acid with oxidants and other mineral acids i.
The range is a PVC-C system designed to handle a wide variety of chemicals, including caustic solutions, inorganic salt solutions, detergents and strong mineral acid installations.
A wood cement board substantially consisting of reinforcing wood material and a cement wherein said reinforcing wood material is treated by a method comprising attaching an aqueous solution of a mineral acid and adding and mixing an alkaline metal silicate in said reinforcing wood material to prevent the inhibition of hardening of cement by sugar contained in said reinforcing wood material is provided in the present invention.
Phosphoric acid is a mineral acid and, consequently, offers only hydrolysis, not oxidation.
Lead-bearing brass flakes are removed by magnetic separation; then, mineral acid leaching removes heavy metal contaminants from the brass fines.
Sulphuric acid is strong mineral acid and its dilution in water is highly exothermic reaction.
plantarum was studied by centrifuging and resuspending cultures in either weak organic acid buffers, such as citric, lactic or tartaric, or in strong mineral acid solutions, such as hydrochloric or sulfuric solutions.