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SOIL. The superficies of the earth on which buildings are erected, or may be erected.
     2. The soil is the principal, and the building, when erected, is the accessory. Vide Dig. 6, 1, 49.

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Two depressions in the surface of mineral soil and ridges oriented perpendicular to the general gradient of sloping favoured the formation of two shallow lakes where the infilling started.
For HA from the mineral soil, a rise in the direction of the flow of groundwater leads to a rise in carbohydrate C (65-100 ppm) and C in carbonyl-containing groups, predominantly carboxyl (165-200 ppm).
Soil microbiota was determined by the standard method of the sowing of organic or mineral soil suspension on the agarised nutrient medium (Thompson, Vincent 1967).
However, the infiltration rates found with the MDI remained very high with untreated water, suggesting that the persistence of repellency in mineral soil upon contact with water is minimal.
In a study of the effects of the non-native Isopod Armadillidium vulgare on soil organic matter decomposition and incorporation into the mineral soil of field microcosm in a central Florida hydric hardwood forest, that species was found to have an important effect on the transformation of the topsoil layer.
Ground cover protects the mineral soil and conserves nutrients.
radiata and pasture also suggest that total C and N stocks and the pH of the mineral soil generally decrease, whereas the C : N ratio increases during the first 10-20 years of growth (Davis 1994; Giddens et al.
Bulk density was measured for mineral soil horizons (including humus and raw-humus horizons) with 50 cm3 metallic cylinders, and for forest floor (organic horizons) and thin histic horizons with a 25 cm x 40 cm (0.
It also exposes the mineral soil and floods the forest floor with sunlight, fertile conditions for alien weeds like the porcelainberry vine.
Slow and gradual weathering of silicate minerals are considered to be the principal source of alkali elements in the mineral soil (Tyler 2004).
Planting by hand, one tree at a time, Weyerhaeuser's people had to penetrate ash sometimes two feet deep to find mineral soil.