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On Sunday, the daily El Watan reported that although Bouteflika's mini-stroke "dates officially from 12.
While TMZ reported that the cause of the actor's mini-stroke is still unknown, possible causes include a blood clot in an artery of the brain, a blood clot that travels to the brain from another part of the body, a blood vessel injury or the narrowing of a blood vessel in the brain or leading to the brain.
Doctors discovered he had suffered a mini-stroke - called a transient ischaemic attack - and operated successfully on an artery in his neck.
If you, or a friend of yours, appear to have a mini-stroke, get to a doctor or hospital immediately.
The company said the aspirin and extended-release dipyridamole capsules are used to lower the risk of stroke in people who have had a mini-stroke (transient ischemic attack or TIA) or stroke due to a blood clot.
Ana Palazon, Director Cymru for the Stroke Association, said: "The greatest risk of having a stroke is within the first few days after a mini-stroke, but because the symptoms are brief or mild, for many people it doesn't feel like an emergency.
More people are now aware of the warning signs of a mini-stroke (also known as a TIA or transient ischaemic attack).
With your support, more people are now aware of the warning signs of a mini-stroke (also known as a TIA or A transient ischaemic attack).
The Stroke Association says many people are not aware of the symptoms of a mini-stroke, also known as a TIA (transient ischaemic attack).
Now the Stroke Association's Patrick Olszowski has hit back, saying: "Having a mini-stroke is no laughing matter.
The risk of recurrence was cut dramatically for victims of a mini-stroke - transient ischemic attack (TIA) - by adding the drug Plavix to aspirin, according to the study findings presented to an international conference of the American Stroke Association in Honolulu.