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For amoxicillin, minimal inhibitory concentrations inhibiting 50% of isolates ([MIC.sub.50]) and 90% of isolates ([MIC.sub.90]) were 0.50 [micro]g/ml and 1.0 [micro]g/ml, respectively (ranging from 0.016 [micro]g/ml to 2.0 [micro]g/ml).
More than 30% of laboratories without safety cabinets had automated systems for blood cultures or for identification and susceptibility testing, and provided determination of minimal inhibitory concentration or susceptibility testing for nonstandard drugs.
MIC, minimal inhibitory concentration; SIC, sub inhibitory concentration; AB (r), resistant to particular antibiotics Table III.
MIC: Minimal Inhibitory Concentration, concentration range 0.25-1.62 mg/Ml
Clinical response to aminoglycoside therapy: Importance of the ratio of peak concentration to minimal inhibitory concentration. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 155, 93-99.
The scientists tested one piece of chicken from each package for Campylobacter, confirmed the bacterium's identity using DNA analysis, then tested for antibiotic resistance using the minimal inhibitory concentration method.
In addition, several of the automated and non-automated MIC (minimal inhibitory concentration) systems have also been FDA-cleared for VRSA detection (see below).
Limited emergence of bacterial resistance was seen during treatment, with isolates from only 1.3% of meropenem-treated patients and 3.2% of ceftazidime-treated patients showing a fourfold rise in minimal inhibitory concentration after 14 days of therapy.
Time dependence is defined by the time that the antibiotic concentration is above the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) in the serum.
Significant increases in minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) occurred with the quinolones and macrolides, but not doxycycline.
For CipR isolates, the median ciprofloxacin minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) was 2.0 [micro]g/mL (range: 1.0-16.0 [micro]g/mL).
Although the absolute level of the minimal inhibitory concentration provides the most useful information for patient management, categorizing isolates as nonsusceptible (ie, intermediately resistant ie, highly resistant) does have significant implications for patient care and is a common way of presenting pneumococcal resistance data.[17,24]

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