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The state or condition of a minor; infancy. Opposite of majority. The smaller number of votes of a deliberative assembly; opposed to majority. In context of the Constitution's guarantee of Equal Protection, minority does not have merely numerical denotation but refers to identifiable and specially disadvantaged groups such as those based on race, religion, ethnicity, or national origin.

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n. 1) in voting, a side with less than half the votes. 2) a term for people in a predominantly Caucasian country who are not Caucasian, including African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, indigenous Americans (Indians) and other people supposedly "of color," despite the irony that the majority of the world's population is not Caucasian. Sometimes the term is employed to include women and homosexuals. "Minority" carries with it a certain patronizing tone even when used to assert rights of peoples who have been discriminated against, either socially or by law. 3) The period of life under legal age. (See: majority, minor, legal age)

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a person not an adult of full capacity. See INFANT, PUPIL.
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MINORITY. The state or condition of a minor; infancy. In another sense, it signifies the lesser number of votes of a deliberative assembly; opposed to majority. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Ethnic identity in an American white minority group. Identity, 3, 143-158.
Among the many cultural groups, Asian Americans are the second fastest growing ethnic minority group in the United States (U.S.
It's also recognized for its progressive approach to practice management in the 21st century and for bringing women and members of minority groups closer to proportionate representation in the profession's ranks.
Cardiff Council has a long-established policy of equal rights for all minority groups, and is right to refuse to entertain those who do not follow these principles.
In cities like San Francisco other minority groups, such as Asian Americans, whose student population makes up 50 percent of the school district, have fought measures to desegregate the schools.
This particular view is most prevalent in schools and communities where one minority group is predominant.
The Hispanic population is the nation's largest minority group, and according to SpecialtyFood.com, the group's purchasing power has grown 108% in the past decade.
But like many an upwardly mobile immigrant or member of a minority group, she feels ambivalent about the costs of her academic success, which has made her and others like her aliens in their own families.
"IREM's minority scholarship program is intended to foster in creased opportunities in the field of real estate management for individuals from minority group
The Thai military confiscated more than six million methamphetamine tablets and 4.5 kilograms of heroin from neighboring Myanmar after a brief clash with an armed ethnic minority group at a border area, the Thai army said Wednesday.
Jan Wiarda highlights the difficulty for someone from a minority group to give leadership in a police force that has traditionally had a white, male culture.
But professional entertainers who highjack culture for profit, even though they may insult a minority group in the process, are not as phony as the "music ministers" who do the same thing in the name of pluralism.

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