Minute Book

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Minute Book

An account where official proceedings are recorded.

A minute book refers to a book kept by the clerk of a court for recording a summary of all the judicial orders in a proceeding. The records are identified by case numbers.

It also refers to a record of official actions taken at a meeting of a board of directors or of the stockholders of a corporation.

MINUTE BOOK. A book kept by the clerk or prothonotary of a court, in which minutes of its proceedings are entered. It has been decided that minutes are no part of the record. 1 Ohio R. 268.

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In Pontyclun and Talygarn, it was recommended that the church ground be used as gardens (Pontyclun and Talygarn Parish, vestry minute book, P205CW/33).
The minute books of the corporation should be updated to contain minutes of all director and shareholder meetings.
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LOVE LETTER: The letter in the temperance society minute book which was written in code
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This process is somewhat described in the Buck Mountain Church (Albemarle County, VA), Minute Book, 1773-1811.
Bailey's editorial skills are commendable, but he is generous in acknowledging the preliminary efforts made with respect to the minute book manuscript by his deceased predecessor, Richard Allnutt.
AS an extra special bonus, an original 150-year-old minute book, which was originally thrown out in the rubbish in the 1940s, was also on public show for the very first time at last weekend's Heritage Day.
Every page of every minute book from 1887 to 1964 is free to view and every page of the first 20 volumes has now been transcribed, making it possible to do keyword searches (e.
The attraction, at Tunnel End, Marsden, also displayed the original Huddersfield Canal Company minute book, shown for the first time and visitors also enjoyed a classic car rally by members of the Manchester Standard Triumph group and canal art from Pat Osborne.