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10] The administration of exogenous progesterone in males caused increased minute ventilation and sensitivity to carbon dioxide.
They also showed that CO2 elimination is more effective with VCV compared to PCV which may be because of different minute ventilation.
sup][8] VT, minute ventilation (VE), respiratory rate (RR), and inspiratory duty cycle (Ti/TT) were also determined.
Pregnant women increase their minute ventilation by nearly 50%.
This provides accurate and continuous information about minute ventilation and the patient's respiratory status.
The beauty of this method is that a linear relationship has been shown to exist between the minute ventilation (VE) and PCO2 changes of arterial blood and medillary chemoreceptor tissue.
A second study comparing minute ventilation and capnography monitoring in intubated and nonintubated patients concludes capnography is "suboptimal for monitoring non-intubated patients" and the "inaccuracy and time lag in capnography reporting can compromise patient safety.
No significant differences were found for breathing rate (BR), tidal volume (VT), and minute ventilation (VE), but a tendency for higher values in hypoxia was observed that supports findings of previous studies (Angermann et al.
2] or the spontaneous respiratory rate is higher than the set upper limit threshold, the ventilator will automatically increase the target minute ventilation, which is met by automatically increasing the respiratory rate or the inspiratory pressure.
2]), heart rate (HR), and minute ventilation (VE) would be observed at submaximal effort during the exercise test.
During a cardiopulmonary exercise test, systems which support the body's ability to perform physical activity may be expressed relative to an appropriate reference, for example, minute ventilation (VE) expressed relative to carbon dioxide output (VC[O.