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Our customers have asked for more fashionable options when it comes to wearables, which is why we're excited to add Mira to our roster.
The last set of annual accounts filed by Mira showed that it had a turnover of PS45.
Atsushi Horiba, Chairman, President and CEO of HORIBA, comments: "We are pleased that MIRA - a hugely successful business within the automotive sector - has become a member of HORIBA Group.
Shahid has planned a proper reception for his Bollywood colleagues on July 12 once Mira and he return to Mumbai after completing formalities in Delhi.
Mira Oasis residents will have easy access to a number of leisure activities in Reem including a rock climbing wall, Skate Park for the adventurous, cricket pitch, football field, go-kart track, dune park for surfing, camel riding, dune bugging and camping.
Mira said that she was approached by a team from Shaikh Mohammad's office when she was in the airport, and asked if she wanted to ask Shaikh Mohammad a question.
It is at once breathtakingly simple and yet so complex as to force you to return to its pages to re-read bits and pieces in order to put together Mira as she deserves to be.
Britney Fitchpatrick had a team-high 14 points for Hart, which had trouble finding baskets inside against Mira Costa's stifling zone.
The red dwarf star Mira A, located 350 light-years from Earth, is famous for its wildly varying brightness, which changes by a factor of 1,000 during every 11-month cycle.
Soon after Mira started school, Colette disappeared, and Mira was sent off to Boise with foster parents.
Nichola Mira, 42TEXT: k stabbed 41-year-old William Quinn in the heart after losing control following years of drunken rows.