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These trainings are aimed to train enumerators to assess and survey the damages caused by disasters that is collection of accurate and authentic primary information from the Key Informants in the affected areas which will further proved the basis for formulation of MIRA assessment report for decision makes, he said.
In the photo, Mira is seen wearing a black and orange weave long sleeve top from Saaksha and Kinni's latest collection.
The planned investments into Mira will allow us to continue to realise our ambitions and has also helped identify a number of additional areas of opportunity and investment in both facilities and technical capabilities.
Mira is known to be an introvert and Shahid, despite his on- screen glamour, is also the reserved sort in personal life.
Team it with the Mira 360m showerhead, far right, in white and chrome (PS63.
MIRA uses iconic language with audio support making it interactive 'Talking toolkit' designed for millions of semi-literate women.
Mira expands the services NEP offers to its North American clients and brings additional expertise to the company, said NEP chief executive Kevin Rabbitt.
The story is engaging and touching, and even prickly, sensitive Mira grows on the reader as the story progresses.
warehouse aging," said Mira Winery President Jim Dyke.
His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, surprised Mira when he granted her wish by visiting her in her school on Sunday.
MIRA Technology Park commercial director Terry Spall said that there was "a very strong logic" in siting the new catapult centre, which will co-ordinate technology and innovation between academia and industry, at the site near Nuneaton.
When Captain Rutten takes Mira out, he remembers three important rules.