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Miro was the latest among the aides of the Espinosas who were killed by unknown assailants.
Miro complements current app and site search with an expanded search surface and powerful search tools including reverse image, reverse face, color and embedded text discovery.
It's going to be a happy and logical end after a very long conflict which was also complex," Miro told M AIL T ODAY .
Gabriel Miro se ponia por entero, mas que en cada frase, en cada palabra; de ahi esa "ardiente tension" (Ortega 96) de su prosa que, al producirse de forma continuada, impone una lectura lenta, casi detenida.
La Jolla, California-based Miro Technologies, founded in 1981, provides enterprise software solutions to manage maintenance, supply, repair and performance-based logistics for assets operating in air, space, sea and ground environments.
Miro Technologies is headquartered in La Jolla, CA.
In terms of connectivity, the Xperia miro supports 3G (HSDPA, 7.
It also comes at a time when Miro is enjoying unprecedented visibility as the recent subject of hugely successful retrospectives in London, Barcelona and Washington.
Del enfoque estrictamente biografico poco a poco la critica paso a tratar de ubicar a Miro en el contexto de las generaciones, tan prevalente en aquellos entonces como desahuciado en la actualidad.
Revelation and symbolism were major themes in a recent ACE and International Association of Art Critics (AICA) event on Joan Miro.
2] Miro, Miro Diane von Furstenberg celebrated Miro Flowers, an iconic design from Furstenberg's archive, on porcelain dinnerware and decorative items, and on the table, floor and lighting.
With his whimsical figures and candid use of color, Joan Miro has been cast as among the most playful of modern artists.