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As a Mirror Site Program Partner, Alfaisal University continues to fulfill its mission being an active part of the worldwide community of educators and learners who are demonstrating the power of unlocking knowledge.
a replica of a 17th century Dutch ship) from Australia to the Netherlands has generated great interest in its associated Web site, and it is now planned to extend the original site to mirror sites in both Australia and the Netherlands, each completely bilingual, resulting in four different 'virtual' Web sites.
The Bach Bibliograhy is available through three English- and two Japanese-language mirror sites, and features both simple and complex search functions.
The blocks aren't completely effective; they can be defeated by mirror sites and proxy servers set up outside China that disguise the identity of the banned sites.
If you're not sure it's for you, there is a playable demo on the Net which is on 50 global mirror sites.
The paid version provides additional features, including linking to abstracting-and-indexing services, archiving, and mirror sites around the world.
An average of 2000 people a day have been joining over the last six weeks in response to extensive in-store marketing with Easyeverything cafes, co-branded marketing across all Trinity Mirror sites such as ic24, Sporting Life, The Mirror and The Daily Record, and a nationwide student campaign throughout UK universities.
Mirror sites appear overnight for the film, which gets thousands of viewings thanks to the FBI attention.
It also has a search engine, title and author index, and numerous ftp mirror sites in the USA and UK.
One way to dissipate the traffic and provide backup copies of the database is to establish mirror sites.
The site will be available in seven Asian languages, and have mirror sites in every market to help ease download speeds, Narwal said.
What happened, of course, is that half-a-dozen mirror sites sprang up immediately, with outraged commentary on the ban.