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MIS. A syllable which prefixed to some word signifies some fault or defect; as, misadventure, misprision, mistrial, and the like.

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This is a great testament to the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of MIS Arabia and the manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia as a whole.
MIS Plain fully leverages the functionality of Microsoft's advanced multidimensional expressions (MDX) statements to solve complex analytic questions with unprecedented flexibility.
corporations for twenty-five years, followed by another fifteen years of teaching graduate and undergraduate coursework in MIS at university colleges of business.
Because MIS exists only in extremely small quantities and is difficult and costly to purify, the 2 researchers decided to adapt tissue-engineering techniques to produce and deliver MIS.
Nevertheless, MIS found a small wireless company in Carlsbad, CA--BreezeCOM--and began testing a minimal hardware configuration contained in BreezeNET.
From this list of problems we faced with our MIS function, we developed a list of objectives to guide us as we evaluated outsourcing candidates.
First the project manager approached MIS, but because the company's chairman had recently given MIS a massive, top-priority project, the department was unable to respond.