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MISBEHAVIOUR. Improper or unlawful conduct. See 2 Mart. N. S. 683.
     2. A party guilty of misbehaviour; as, for example, to threaten to do injury to another, may be bound to his good behaviour and thus restrained. See Good Behaviour.
     3. Verdicts are not unfrequently set aside on the ground of misbehaviour of jurors; as, when the jury take out with them papers which were not given in evidence, to the prejudice of one of the parties. Ld. Raym. 148. When they separate before they have agreed upon their verdict. 3 Day, 237, 310., When they cast lots for a verdict; 2 Lev. 205; or, give their verdict because they have agreed to give it for the amount ascertained by each juror putting down a sum, adding the whole together, and then dividing by twelve the number of jurors, and giving their verdict for the quotient. 15 John. 87. See Bac. Ab. Verdict, H.
     4. A verdict will be set aside if the successful party has been guilty of any misbehaviour towards the jury; as, if he say to a juror, "I hope you will find a verdict for me;" or "the matter is clearly of my side." 1 Vent. 125; 2 Roll. Ab. 716, pl. 17. See Code, 166, 401; Bac. Ab. Verdict, I.

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Denies charges of misbehaviour and creating disharmony CLEAR Gurbaj fell out with Michael Nobbs in 2012.
Women MPs from the TMC were vociferous over the alleged misbehaviour conducted by two BJP MPs.
Aurangzeb Kashmiri for conducting misbehaviour and life-threatening to DEO Mardan Miss Zuhra as well as interfering in her educational affairs.
01 for the parents-child variable and adolescent misbehaviour for the parents sub sample.
In her complaint to the GRP, the woman accused the SP leader and his bodyguard of threatening her from reporting the alleged misbehaviour.
The CTO claimed that the violation of disciplines could not be tolerated and several training courses have also been conducted to aware the wardens of talking politely and avoiding misbehaviour with public.
Such teacher 'misbehaviour' has been widely recognised as being detrimental to student-teacher relationships and to levels of student responsibility and misbehaviour (Baloglu, 2009; Gable, Hester, Rock & Hughes, 2009; Haynes, Emmons & Ben-Avie, 1997; Hyman & Snook, 2000; Reinke & Herman, 2002).
ISTANBUL, Dec 9, 2010 (TUR) -- The Standing Committee of the Council of Europe on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sports Events called for stricter monitoring mechanisms against spectator violence, following a two day meeting in Istanbul.
Female students are fleeced with high fare while they have also to suffer a depression due to misbehaviour of the transporters, said a women Razia participating in the demo.
The move comes after a Mori poll for the Home Office found that more than half of voters (53%) believe inappropriate parenting is the biggest cause of anti-social behaviour and four out of five think parents should be held responsible for the misbehaviour of their children.
from office by the General Assembly, unless for misbehaviour, absence,
Misbehaviour has run up a bit of a sequence in recent weeks and he can make it a hat-trick in the Steven & Roy Hanney Memorial Handicap Hurdle at Wincanton.