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(164) As was noted earlier, Professor Levine has warned that the hands-off rule can, if misapplied or misconstructed, "lead to a number of disturbing results." See Levine, supra note 2, at 86.
Instead, he references the translation of Weber's "'Objectivity' in Social Science and Social Policy" by Edward Shils, a translation that truncates and frequently even misconstructs Weber's original; apart from Shils, Kalberg refers only to secondary literature.
By urging black Americans to seek empowerment in a misconstructed Egyptian history, Afrocentrists not only mislead, opening their students to ridicule, but they also assert that culture is "transhistoric"--that is, it can be transferred through time and space intact.
Moreover, the powerful positive feelings--e.g., pride, affection, nostalgia--that boosters associated with such misconstructed Native American symbols as Chief Illiniwek and the Miami Indian-head logo were clearly not felt about Native American people, as boosters often claimed.
This genealogy misconstructed the most outstanding figures from each generation into a line of fathers and sons, an error repeated in Phan Khoang's pioneering study, Viet Su: Xu Dang Trong 1558-1777.(22) Even Dao Duy Anh, the northern Vietnamese scholar who edited the 1962 translation of the pre-dynastic Nguyen chronicle, Tien Bien, tentatively suggested the famous early sixteenth-century general, Nguyen Hoang Du, was Nguyen Kim's father,(23) despite other sources agreeing Hoang Du had held a different, and lesser, title(24) than Nguyen Kim's father, the grand duke of Trung (quoc cong).
With the help of twentieth-century scholars and editors, such writers may break free from the intertextual webs of eighteenth-century gentlemen: losing a bad name, Elizabeth Thomas helps us to understand how literary reputation may be misconstructed and revised.
We think that Professor Fetzer has somewhat misconstructed the target of our criticism [1].