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This fundamental principle of Jewish ethics--of the necessary and irreconcilable difference between these two modes of speech and action--emerges out of the discussion of the building of the mishkan and the Temple.
Through the Mishkan we bring order to the world, a structure and awareness, balance and meaning.
Funeral services will be graveside at Mishkan Tefila Memorial Park Cemetery on Centre Street, West Roxbury on Monday, February 26 at 11:00 AM.
Rashi here teaches us that although the Mishkan did require voluntary donations, the sockets--the very basis and foundation of the Mishkan--were built not from voluntary contributions but from mandatory taxation.
Beginning with a brief history of the Conservative movement, Martin Laskin touches upon the history of the Jewish community of New Haven and its two major congregations, Mishkan Israel (Reform) and B'nai Jacob (Conservative).
Funeral services will be on Thursday, October 31, at 1 PM, at Congregation Mishkan Tefila, 300 Hammond Pond Parkway, Chestnut Hill, MA.
Religious or not, on arriving in the suburbs of Washington, the Brins were adopted by a synagogue, Mishkan Torah of Greenbelt, Maryland, which helped them acquire furnishings for their home.
Can we by way of an ancient metaphor, the Mishkan, the Tabernacle of the Hebrew Bible, create a sacred moment in a secular city?
Yom Kippur is an observance of the synagogue and not of the home, deriving as it does from the time of the Mishkan.
During the early and mid-1950s, a time when the Jewish community of Roxbury-Dorchester was still viable, five important Jewish institutions left the area for Brookline and Newton: Hebrew Teachers College, the Maimonides day school, Orthodox congregations Beth El and Atereth Israel, and Conservative synagogue Mishkan Tefila.