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2) The entire project of the mishkan had a clearly religious purpose: and let them make Me a sanctuary and I may dwell among them (Ex.
In a brief phone interview Monday, he said Rabbi Pauker gifted the Torahs years after he closed his North Hollywood synagogue, similarly named Congregation Mishkan Israel, in 1994.
Waltz's appearance will conclude the season at the Mishkan.
Year by year, Jews also proceed directly from the repentance and atonement of Yom Kippur to the temporary construction of Sukkot--a place of communion with the Almighty similar to the Mishkan.
LeWitt also studied congregational churches, says Carol, as well as the mishkan, or tabernacle, that the Lord describes to Moses in elaborate detail in Exodus.
The rest of this volume consists mainly of the Zohar's commentary on the biblical description of the mishkan, the Dwelling (or Tabernacle) in the desert.
Monday, February 26, 2007, Graveside services at Mishkan Tefila Memorial Park Cemetery, Centre St.
Following that critique I will turn to a discussion of traditional commentary on how God communicates with Moses around the building of the mishkan in Parashat Terumah to indicate how this material provides us with more appropriate grounds for dealing with the problems in question.
For example, at Mendelsohn's Park Synagogue in Cleveland, completed in 1950, the remarkable canopy structure covering the entire bimah is intended to represent the mishkan, the portable sanctuary constructed by the Children of Israel in the wilderness after their exodus from Egypt (figure 14).
He shifts our focus to grand themes: betrayal, passion, exile and redemption, the nature of time, the meaning of the Mishkan, the essence of Covenant.
2 million, derived from Bank Mishkan, which was merged into the Bank at the end of 2003.
Mishkan Tefila is the oldest Conservative synagogue in New England.