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The outcome turned on at least four questions, the high court said: (1) whether the voluntary dismissal in federal court was the same as a Virginia nonsuit in terms of tolling, (2) whether Trapeni joined the Store Owner under its proper name, (3) whether any naming error was a misjoinder or simply a misnomer and (4) whether failure to correct any misnomer prevented the tolling of the limitations period.
In a statement by the Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, the party said it is boycotting the election because of what it described as a 'misnomer, undemocratic and compromised election from the beginning'.
Basta 'yong Sunday na 'yon, misnomer naman 'yong debate do'n.
"While there are undoubtedly circumstances where a misnomer could cause a party to be unaware or uncertain as to the identity of the foreclosing party, this is not such a case.
First there is no such place as Greater Eston, this is another misnomer he and his like created, just like the vertical pier.
The iPad 3 may be a misnomer, if pundits are right.
"It's a huge misnomer or a huge misunderstanding in our culture that there's some gap somewhere between learning something and being able to do something.
The description of this as a consultation process is therefore a misnomer as the document states that no action is not an option.
Chris Elam's Misnomer Dance Theater had a similar competition in 2007.) Viewers could pick a character from the work Helen of Troy, Electra, Clytemnestra, Cassandra, or a more abstract character, the Messenger of Death--to remix any way they wanted.
The notion of renewable energy is a misnomer and should be frowned upon.
As used in the title, the term management is really a misnomer because the articles cover a much wider range of topics than that which the term implies--such as collaboration, effective staff development, evidence-based practice, and technology.
We are not "another church" or an "independent Catholic church"--certainly a misnomer for anything "Catholic"--but rather a diocese within this one Catholic church.