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NASA Dryden Flight Research Center is looking at the possibility of using AIM-54 Phoenix missiles to conduct the agency's legacy of high-speed research.
tomorrow could have a fundamentalist Islamic government controlling their nuclear-tipped missiles," he said.
Because it had non-line-of-sight capability, the operators could locate and destroy targets behind hills and other barriers that other missiles or artillery could not detect and destroy.
Slide the missiles in place firmly, but don't force them.
Fired by suspected al Qaeda operatives, the Soviet-made missiles missed their target--leaving passengers relieved, and Americans suddenly aware of yet another terrorist threat.
June 7, 2009, intermediate ballistic and cruise missiles carrying chemical and biological weapons rain down on the Bandarian capital and Bandarian military bases.
spy planes spotted about 40 nuclear missiles being installed by the Soviet Union in Cuba, the Caribbean island 90 miles south of Key West, Florida.
intelligence community, Iran is likely to test missiles of intercontinental range within the next few years.
We don't worry much about the threat posed by our own arsenal; after all, the missiles aren't aimed at us.
The Foreign Ministry said that the Have Stare (Globus-2) radar station being assembled by the Americans near the Norwegian town of Vardoe close to the Russian border was designed to track Russian ballistic missiles.
Prophetic, I thought, now that the United States is aiming its nuclear-tipped missiles away from Russia and pointing them at the world's oceans.