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Smith: The updated USCIS mission statement demonstrates the agencys commitment to protect American workers and taxpayers first.
Simple and clear: An employee who has to make a tough business decision could reference the mission statement to help.
A mission statement is the bedrock of good strategy.
The Mission Statement concentrates on the present; it defines the customer(s), critical processes and it informs you about the desired level of performance.
Surprisingly, each person described a very different picture of our mission statement.
Sometimes called a creed statement, a statement of purpose, a statement of philosophy, a statement of beliefs, a statement of business principles, or a statement "defining our business," a mission statement reveals what an organization wants to be and whom it wants to serve.
The solutions should "improve access, choice, and quality, lower costs, promote innovation and strengthen the safety net for the most vulnerable," the task force says in the mission statement.
For years, our department didn't think to have a mission statement in place.
I believe that a mission statement for a group such as AHC is more than a mere symbolic pronouncement; instead, it should be a useful guide for members to consider the past, present, and future beliefs and practices pertaining to that group.
The mission statement is a tool that should be used by leaders to promote organizational integration and to ensure all members are focused on the same objectives, outcomes, behaviors and goals.
This is the first mission statement that the university endeavored to write since the Legislature granted its independence, which formally began in July.

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