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Norm jokes that it just seems to be normal -- and somewhere in another country Y2K has set off a countdown on a guided missle .
There is so much to do here between the morning military parades, daily re-education seminars, complementary tickets to a nuclear missle [sic] launch, and the VIP screenings of the dear leader's latest cinematic triumph," wrote Michael O'Grady, whose "review" gave the Ryugyong Hotel a two out of three on quality and facilities and a perfect three out of three on service.
The spokesman said the Palestinian gunmen unleashed a missle over the night
Set in California at the height of the Cuban Missle crisis, this is one of the most stylishly-shot films of recent years.
A suspected US drone has launched a missle strike near the Afghan border, reportedly killing at least three people.
After CBS, Smith joined ABC and continued covering global events, including the Vietnam War and the Cuban Missle Crisis.
Royal Scots chef Foulds fears he and others were the victim of a missle packed with radioactive fragments.
Turkey claimed the plane was shot down in international airspace with a laser or a heat-guided missle.
Much of the "laddish" paraphernalia remains in what still has an army mess hall feel, but it is now run by civilians attached to the missle testing station.
Many of the efforts were directed at protecting not only the infrastructure in North Dakota's fourth-largest city, but also Minuteman III nuclear missle silos that are currently shielded by pumps and sandbags.
Among the dozen invincible Cows are Decibell, whose oversized larynx enables her to scream at high volumes until burger eaters opt for chicken; Gristle Missle, who flashes through burger eateries at 500 mph tipping trays and tossing burger patties aside; Coldcuts, an Antarctic avenger armed with sub- zero breath that puts beef eaters in their own private meat locker; and Kowrate, the undisputed master of hoof-to-hand combat who keeps bun-toting beef eaters off the streets.
WHEN YOU'VE GOTTA GO: Referee Mike Riley ushers Jamie Carragher off the pitch after the Liverpool defender had hurled a missle back into the Highbury crowd