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CANADIAN soft rockers Nickleback were pelted with rocks, water bottles and other missles at the second night of a Portugese festival.
Here, where even Joshua trees won't grow and where the only natural vegetation is sagebrush and mesquite shrubs, this city of more than 25,000 has produced something besides secret rockets and missles.
FIRE CREWS were pelted with missles as they tackled blazes in Coventry.
THE UK has four nuclear Vanguard submarines each capable of carrying up to 16 Trident missles
However, that was nothing compared to what happened at the weekend when the players and the referee were pelted with coins and missles.
To help accomplish their goals, gamers access the latest military hardware including pistols, assault rifles, stinger missles and combat knives.
The Italian champions were forced to erect a metal cage on the third tier of the famous stadium to stop rival supporters hurling missles.
It was Arnett and his film crew who shot the footage of the destroyed shelter in Bagdhad in which hundreds had been sheltering when two Cruise Missles struck.
Louis, makes the Navy's F-18 Hornet fighter, the Air Force's F-15 Eagle fighter, the C-17 transport, the Army's Apache helicopter and missles, including the Tomahawk and Harpoon.
Kids can put their favorite driver in the cockpit and battle evil with missles and cool, morphing moves, while the Rescue Racer helps keep things safe.
The world's fastest server, tagged Scud because he hits missles at 140 mph, had too much power for Ivanisevic who is rated a mere fifth in the pace league.