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8 In which Shakespeare play are Mistress Overdone and Master Froth, minor characters?
The nearly mother-in-law will been seen at the Theatre Royal next week as Mistress Overdone in Measure For Measure and at the Playhouse the following week as the Queen in Cymbeline.
Mistress Overdone is a minor character in Measure For Measure (in which a young woman, Isabella, is forced to surrender her chastity to save her brother's life).
Accordingly, when discussing the drama Singh details the ways in which prostitute types such as Bianca, Mistress Overdone, Mistress Quickly, and Doll Tearsheet make visible the discrepancies inherent in gender roles, and the internal flaws that disrupt the smooth workings of the patriarchal mechanism.
Richard Elis is delicious as Pompey, the brothel servant, and Rachel Lumberg quivers and squirms in technicolour as the outrageous bawd, Mistress Overdone.
2 where "the news of Claudio's imprisonment is given twice: first with Mistress Overdone as announcer, and then with Pompey advising a now ignorant Overdone" (Companion, 468).