Misuse of property

MISUSE OF PROPERTY. The unlawful use of property.
     2. The misuse of personal property delivered lawfully to the defendant, is a conversion which will enable the owner immediately to maintain trover. 6 Shepl. 382; 8 Leigh, 565; 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 3525.

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Its chief, Supt Mustafa Kamal Gani Abdullah said the 96 are being sought for cases involving cheating, criminal breach of trust, computer-related crimes, misuse of property, and pornographic video and digital compact disc related offences.
It's a clear case of misuse of property to the benefit of accused and their handpicked beneficiaries.'
The two draft laws are extremely similar, and both seek to add clarity to the term "misuse of property" (Zweckentfremdung).
A "Yes" vote would give tacit approval to the City Council's continued misuse of property tax dollars.
"It was a convenient way to apply all of the laws, the privacy laws for employees if you think of it that way, and give them that ability that if there were issues, misuse of property, conflicts of interest, whatever it might be, that they would have that ability to confidentially post it or let a third party know."
Tenant details surrounding damaged property, misuse of property and tenant arrears are held on the national database, as are details of responsible tenants accredited with good histories.
Issues such as financial conflicts of interest, impartiality concerns, misuse of information, misuse of apparent or actual authority, and misuse of property are all areas of potential personal conflicts of interest for contractor employees that could result in harm to the public fisc and loss of public confidence in Government."
The primary advantage of equity adjudication was that lawyers started civil proceedings to stop the misuse of property in the future, not just punish criminal acts in the past.
This is a teaching basic to God's dealings with the Israelites: The misuse of property, land and resources results in its total loss.
Sheriff Jan Clements said he is investigating the bulk of the allegations and interim Chief Deputy Bill DeForrest - a former Springfield police chief now working on a contract basis for the county - will look into the allegations of misuse of property.