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MISUSER. An unlawful use of a right.
     2. In cases of public officers and corporations, a misuser is sufficient to cause the right to be forfeited. 2 Bl. Com. 153; 5 Pick. R. 163.

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Another problem is the large number of fitness fanatics using illegal steroids to help bulk up, she warned, as many don't recognise themselves as substance misusers.
They hypothesized that the elevation of anger, depression, vulnerability, and anxiety found in alcohol (and drug) abusers acts as a catalyst for the misuser to pursue alcohol (or drugs) as a coping response.
The Swedish alcohol treatment system originated in the early 20th century within poverty relief, and aimed at educating and reforming the poor misusers back to being sober and self-supporting citizens (Edman & Stenius, 2007).
8% of persons who used mental health services during the measurement year fell into that misuser group.
Such a study could further disentangle the nature of decision making by the misuser, per se as well as in relation to level of social integration and/or marginalization.
It offers an alternative to the drug misuser that will make all the difference to their lives, the lives of their families and the wider community and make this a country of which we can all be proud.
For example, the histories of many chronic PO misusers involve severe pain problems, through which PO tolerance or even dependence may have been established by intensive analgesic therapy involving POs, or conversely are characterized by under-treatment of pain problems possibly leading the opioid misuser to self-medicate (Khantzian, 1997; Fischer, Rehm, Kim, & Kirst, 2005).
Measuring the quality and quantity of life of the drug misuser
ETHICS campaigners yesterday criticised the world's oldest woman to give birth as a misuser of fertility treatment.
Further, "The National Board of Health and Welfare should actively ensure that the individual misuser gets the help and care he needs to recover from his misuse .