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MISUSER. An unlawful use of a right.
     2. In cases of public officers and corporations, a misuser is sufficient to cause the right to be forfeited. 2 Bl. Com. 153; 5 Pick. R. 163.

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Another problem is the large number of fitness fanatics using illegal steroids to help bulk up, she warned, as many don't recognise themselves as substance misusers.
It offers an alternative to the drug misuser that will make all the difference to their lives, the lives of their families and the wider community and make this a country of which we can all be proud.
The great strength of The Cleaner is the show's ability to dramatize the downward spiral of addiction, showing how drug misusers 'get stuck,' and the difficulty they have of getting 'unstuck.
She said: "Employers whose workers are misusers are affected through poor performance and absenteeism.
Take any parent, family member or carer who has concerns about a young person becoming a substance misuser.
Anni Wilton-Jones, of RISE, who nominated Phil for the Adult Learner Award, said, 'He has been able to help many people who have suffered through having a drugs misuser in their family.
Some parents have to choose between being with the substance misuser or the rest of their family.
A LIVERPOOL social business that offers opportunities and training to active substance misusers and people with mental health issues has secured a PS50,000 investment.
The aim is to appoint a single provider or consortium of providers who can deliver services under Lot 1 Psychosocial services for young drug and alcohol users, Lot 2 Psychosocial services for adult drug users, adult alcohol users and adult criminal justice interventions and Lot 3 Specialist supported counselling for adult substance misusers, as a single provider, consortium or sub-contract.
The list included more than 30 ideas and suggestions for people in the crowd including fundraisers, homeless people, shoppers, police officers, substance misusers, food stalls, bus passengers, builders, football supporters and buskers.
Blackwood Bus Station suffers from congregations of homeless substance misusers who make use of the area for seating and shelter.