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MISUSER. An unlawful use of a right.
     2. In cases of public officers and corporations, a misuser is sufficient to cause the right to be forfeited. 2 Bl. Com. 153; 5 Pick. R. 163.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Correspondingly, when calculating total hypothetical wages, we used median wages (rather than wages stratified by educational attainment), then adjusted this wage by the ratio of Indiana misuser wages implied by the educational strata applied for years 2009-2016 to overall median wages in years 20092016.
"That's happening in Wales too." Another problem is the large number of fitness fanatics using illegal steroids to help bulk up, she warned, as many don't recognise themselves as substance misusers. "Substance misuse has changed to become normalised.
Do general practitioners and general psychiatrists want to look after drug misusers? Evaluation of a non-specialist treatment policy.
The Swedish alcohol treatment system originated in the early 20th century within poverty relief, and aimed at educating and reforming the poor misusers back to being sober and self-supporting citizens (Edman & Stenius, 2007).
In fact, 29.8% of persons who used mental health services during the measurement year fell into that misuser group.
Further, the municipal social services should provide misusers with the help they need to solve addiction problems.
It offers an alternative to the drug misuser that will make all the difference to their lives, the lives of their families and the wider community and make this a country of which we can all be proud.
One study was of an enhanced educational counseling program about Hepatitis C risks compared to standard information delivered to sero-negative injecting drug misusers (Abou-Saleh, Davis, Rice, Checinski, Drummond, Maxwell et al., 2007).
In this context, a large proportion of PO drugs that end up being misused have somehow been diverted from medical or other legitimate use origins, allowing for a large variety of direct or indirect sourcing routes to the misuser. A recent College on Problems of Drug Dependence meeting concluded that for the U.S., the magnitude of PO diversion is unknown, that there are no systematic data on how POs reach street markets, and that there is little empirical basis for prescription drug misuse prevention (Inciardi, Surratt, Kurtz, & Cicero, 2007).
ETHICS campaigners yesterday criticised the world's oldest woman to give birth as a misuser of fertility treatment.
Further, "The National Board of Health and Welfare should actively ensure that the individual misuser gets the help and care he needs to recover from his misuse ..." (11 [section] Social Services Act 2001:453).