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A condition of enforced servitude by which a person is restrained of his or her liberty and compelled to labor in payment of some debt or obligation.


Involuntary Servitude.

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Punta Mita residents and visitors are invited to celebrate the best of the destination's amenities in a stunning oceanfront setting.
Mita will ask the government to desist from issuing new demand letters and refrain from enforcing the demand letters it has issued pending the resolution of the matter.
Este articulo se centra en las normativas y practicas del trabajo minero asalariado compulsivo (mita), que coexistia en Potosi con otras formas de trabajo menos coactivas y mas voluntarias.
Locals are filled with admiration for Tapati, Mita and Krishna seeing how they have struck a perfect balance between work and family.
When we took her home Mita got very busy and began building a nest with lots of soft shavings in her cage."
"Patients and an important manufacturing industry are facing a crisis due to helium shortages," said Gall Rodriguez, executive director of MITA." Ensuring reliable access to helium is critical in safeguarding patient access to life-saving medical imaging technologies and to the health of the U.S.
The authorized Japanese version of the Holy Qur'an with Arabic text was done by Umar Mita in 1972.
MITA and MPTE are the two branches of the authority and executive which make up Merseytravel.
Swetharanyan, the Managing Director of Kyocera Mita in India, said the new range will "redefine simplicity in printing." Mr.
Meanwhile, a Reuters' dispatch yesterday said Chubu Electric Power Company Chairman Toshio Mita would meet with