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A condition of enforced servitude by which a person is restrained of his or her liberty and compelled to labor in payment of some debt or obligation.


Involuntary Servitude.

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MiTA can also follow-up on the business that may ensue from this conference.
Albert Mita also started Beep 2000, a T-mobile exclusive retailer which he led from 2 stores in 2001 to 99 store in 5 years.
CMSO intends to use MITA as a tool for providing a common vision for the Medicaid program and for providing guidance in achieving that vision.
Teams must make reservations to use the field at Rioux Park, and practice slots after school and on weekends are generally booked solid through the summer, Mita said.
Mita Industrial went under in August 1998 due to the deterioration of business performance.
The Osaka District Court gave Mita the go-ahead to rehabilitate itself with the help of Kyocera in October 1998.
Artners Gallery was founded by Keiko Mita and John Speaks in March 2012 to sell artisan designer jewelry and to promote contemporary jewelry designers online.
Koji Seki, a receiver sent in by Kyocera, will assume the presidency of Mita, which will change its name to Kyocera Mita Co.
Also arrested were four former executives of Mita Industrial and one public accountant.
Mita Industrial President Yoshihiro Mita told a news conference the company's collapse stemmed from the deterioration in its performance traced to the protracted economic slump and the delay in digitalization of its products.
Customers will benefit from this agreement because both Microsoft and Kyocera Mita will have access to an extensive range of technologies that will allow each company to enhance its respective products.
3 Kyodo Yoshihiro Mita, the former president of failed photocopier maker Mita Industrial Co.