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MERTON, STATUTE OF. A statute so called, because the parliament or rather council, which enacted it, sat at Merton, in Surrey. It was made the 20 Hen. III. A. D. 1236. See Barr. an the Stat. 41.

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Rosie Wheeler, deputy manager at Mitcham Homing Centre, says: "It's so exciting to be involved in this project.
People don't expect me to defend my title because I have been out of the pool for almost a year," said Mitcham.
Daley qualified second for the final meaning Mitcham had to dive last and while the Australian had claimed the Olympic title with his final effort in Beijing, he could not repeat his feat here.
Mitcham produced excellent diving and the final is by no means a foregone conclusion.
I agree, it was offensive and very thoughtless, but being friends with her for 2yrs, I know she is not homophobic," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Mitcham as writing.
Mitcham got out of the water and dropped to his knees, holding his face in his hands.
Kay Scrivener, 41, of Rutter Gardens, Mitcham, was appearing at Wimbledon Magistrates' Court today.
The Edinburgh tribunal ordered Mr and Mrs Mitcham to pay pounds 1,786, including pounds 850 for injury to her feelings.
In an effort to include as much detail as possible, Mitcham devotes several pages in the final chapter to the fate of many of the individuals named earlier in the story.
Mitcham has been put up 4lb for finishing second at Haydock, his draw is probably lower than ideal, and any rain on watered ground would be very much against him.