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MERTON, STATUTE OF. A statute so called, because the parliament or rather council, which enacted it, sat at Merton, in Surrey. It was made the 20 Hen. III. A. D. 1236. See Barr. an the Stat. 41.

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Under these agreements, Mitcham acquired certain specified intangible and tangible assets free and clear of all prior claims and encumbrances.
Rosie Wheeler, deputy manager at Mitcham Homing Centre, says: "It's so exciting to be involved in this project.
uk With China's world champion Qiu Bo and Lin Yue likely to claim a medal that would seemingly leave Mitcham in a shoot-out with Daley, who scored a personal best 565.
Daley qualified second for the final meaning Mitcham had to dive last and while the Australian had claimed the Olympic title with his final effort in Beijing, he could not repeat his feat here.
20 ahead of Mitcham, although that did not reflect the close nature of the contest.
Mitcham overcame a deficit of almost 28 points to qualify first with 511.
But Mitcham, 22, has come to her defence, writing on Twitter that, while Rice's comments were thoughtless, "she luvs gays".
They looked like they were struggling pretty good," Andrew Mitcham said yesterday, before he was presented with a commendation from the state police at the Worcester DOT office.
Recommendation Tooting & Mitcham 2pts 9-4 Bet365
Australia's Matthew Mitcham earned four perfect 10s on his last dive to win the men's 10-metre platform to prevented China from sweeping the eight Olympic diving gold medals.
The raids took place at residential and business properties in Newtown, Mitcham, south-west London, and Surrey.