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In the present case, facial nerve paralysis was due to mite infestation which could be effectively managed with prompt initiation of specific therapy for causative agent with uneventful recovery.
For this reason, we believe both cases were recent infestations; the absence of secondary infections and the mild mite infestation further support this opinion.
Commercial greenhouse operators suffer losses from spider mite infestations, and there is a broad regional need for an effective control.
Pest control advisor Laura Breyer and I developed a strategy to reduce mite infestations in a 35-acre old-vine (120 years) Zinfandel block in Sonoma Valley," explains Sunbreak Vineyard Services vineyard manager Diane Kenworthy.
Ectoparasitic infections, such as scabies and animal mite infestations, may occur in large seasonal clusters, such as in Pittsburg, Kansas, in August 2004, when 300 residents sought immediate medical care for intensely pruritic, erythematous, papular rashes that were subsequently determined to be caused by multiple bites from European itch mites (Peymotes herfsi) (Figure 1).
Since flies have also been shown to be a key factor in mite movement, fly control is essential to minimizing mite infestations.
Africanized bees from South America and mite infestations have threatened domestic honey bee colonies for several years.
In a bedroom, however, a dehumidifier will not prevent body moisture under a sleeper from raising the relative humidity in a mattress to 80 percent, a level conducive to mite infestations (and even mold) if sustained.
He first discusses the pathological conditions caused by arthropods (allergies, stings, bites, dermal conditions, and myiasis) and the principles of their treatment, including a chapter on delusions of insect and mite infestations.
stejnegeri did have greater mite infestations than females (ANCOVA: F = 5.