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Construction on the MITI office tower commenced in February 2012 and has achieved construction progress of 19.
Bisogna rifarsi alle due schiere di critici pirandelllani, quelli che vedono una frattura neno sviluppo della prosa pirandelliana, e dunque i miti sono un'involuzione del suo pensiero e delia sua drammaturgia; quegli altri che vedono invece un percorso costante, ed i miti pirandelliani dell'ultima produzione ne rappresentano il frutto piu maturo.
The Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, which will be launched by integrating some relevant MITI functions, will be led by Hirokazu Okumura, director general of the International Trade Administration Bureau.
It was the first time a Japanese court ordered a corporation or organization to discontinue using a domain name in Japan, according to MITI.
MITI compiled the report based on a survey of 2,049 firms capitalized at 100 million yen or more.
Eurodevelopment Ukraine is applying for a country wide frequency license and plans to implement roaming agreements with other MITI paging ventures throughout the CIS and Baltic states.
An activist American MITI could certainly be of use in this setting, first to assert control over valuable inventions that belong to the government, and then to ensure that they are sold to American pharmaceutical companies equipped to produce and market the goods, so as to generate jobs and tax revenues within the United States.
Under the joint financing scheme, MITI will guarantee $400 million worth of loans by a syndicate of commercial banks led by Deutsche Bank and the Industrial Bank of Japan, MITI and MIGA said in a statement.
It is the first time that MITI has decided to guarantee a foreign corporation's investment in the form of reinsurance in which it helps foreign trade insurance bodies' activities by sharing their insurance of trade and investment.
This time we have altered our assessment to describe output as being on a trend of improvement,'' a MITI official said.
Through this partnership, MITI will sell and co-develop e-business applications using the MCWS platform - a rich solution that gives governments and enterprises the technology to conduct everyday business transactions with customers electronically.