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MIXED. To join; to mingle. A compound made of several simples is said to be something mixed.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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* Refinancing for $400,000 for a three story, mixed use, non-elevatored building containing six Class A apartments and one commercial unit located in Brooklyn, NY.
While the amount of mixed paper that is still accessible is great, many companies and communities remain hesitant about adding or expanding programs to include this grade.
If the air dryers are not maintained properly, moisture can be introduced, shortening the benchlife of mixed sand.
He noted that mixed softwoods should never be cooked together since fiber physics vary a great deal and fiber properties cannot be fully used.
Companies such as ADIC and SpectraLogic, for example, handle mixed media (or shared library services) using virtual partitions, while Storage Tek uses a native app- roach.
The strength of the Banbury is in its ability to move materials aggressively within the mixing chamber, effectively shearing the mix, with the ability to accept most available feed forms of raw materials and previously mixed rubber.
Engle said the high price of mixed paper relative to OCC creates new recovery opportunities for the grade.
At the end of the mixing cycle, the complete mixed volume (batch) of blended sand is discharged from the mixer at one time.
The above is but an overview of some, certainly not all, of the areas associated with the compounding of elastomeric compounds which can in some way have an influence on the overall quality and repeatability of compounds mixed in an intensive mixer.
These are additives mixed into elastomer binders, mostly organic or inorganic powders, and in some cases also liquids.
It can be seen that the power consumption of the batch mixed with HESC rotors is comparable to the standard full-four-wing rotors, but in about half of the elapsed mixing time.
Applying the best suited philosophy, compounds were continuously mixed and integrated into a subsequent hose and test tire production, respectively.