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The mixed drink contained GP and fructose (Lifestyle Food Crystalline Fructose.
More details on the top sellers of mixed drinks in North Little Rock are in the chart below.
Research conducted by Technomic's Adult Beverage Insights Group, an on-premise consumer goods researcher, shows that when adults are away from home, they are much more likely to order mixed drinks than any other type of alcoholic beverage.
The small 120-page volume includes lots of colorful photos, and drinks are categorized: classics and variations, champagne, martini-like cocktails, mixed drinks and coolers, sangrias, punches and fruit-filled cocktails, and coffee and dessert drinks.
Adam Rocke celebrates the more than 40 years of Pink Panther popularity with this new anniversary edition of the Pink Panther Cocktail Party, a collection of 85 "pink-a-licious" mixed drinks that will liven up any and all festive occasions.
Mixed drinks at the bar (which I bought any and every passing girl) were about 75 cents.
Consumers who don't have a designated bar in their home may dress up a table with the essential bar tools for colorful mixed drinks and serious, straight-up elixirs.
Head barman Simon Blacoe says when it comes to mixed drinks boys and girls want different things -isn't it always the case?
Generally the cola mixed drinks weren't very good, but this version of the classic Cuba Libre isn't bad.
And with almost 15 years of prohibition the distillers knew how little the drink-thirsty public was privy to the secrets of mixed drinks.
So far, the federal government has done little to investigate the impact of the cooler phenomenon on Americans' drinking problems--let alone warn consumers that coolers are as potent as beer, wine, or mixed drinks.