Mixed government

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MIXED GOVERNMENT. A government composed of some of the powers of a monarchical, aristocratical, and democratical government. See Government.

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The committee on Monday will discuss the fate of the current government: a cabinet reshuffle, the formation of a new government of national unity, or the formation of a mixed government which would include representatives of allPalestinian factions as well as some independents.
van Plolthoon argues that the Hume of the History assigns a paramount role to royal authority in the emergence of a mixed government in England.
Geza Poprady, State Secretary of Public Administration from Hungary's Ministry of Rural Development, said a mixed government and private UAE delegation will visit Hungary in the next two months.
The mixed government messages and a cautious RBI are exacerbating the perceived vulnerability of a country suffering from a record-high current account deficit in the midst of a global downturn sparked by potential tapering in U.
But he has signaled that he would form a mixed government of politicians and technocrats if the March 14 coalition decided to stay out.
But he has indicated that he would form a mixed government of politicians and technocrats if Hariri's Future bloc and its allies in the March 14 coalition decided not to join.
Those who voted in this mixed government are getting their just deserts - sadly with millions of non-Tory voters.
So pure and deeply rooted was Sidney's adherence to the principles of mixed government that he opposed the execution of English monarch Charles I for treason, and he distanced himself from former allies after becoming disillusioned with Oliver Cromwell, the 1st Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, for abandoning republican principles, including heavy-handedly side-stepping Parliament.
Seyssel attempted to deal with the challenge to the monarchy and aristocracy inherent in a domestic infantry by describing a model of mixed government and social mobility for France.
Both are regarded as having some defense of a form of mixed government, although the details of this model are characterized in competing ways in the volume.
Mixed government and commercial needs are behind 63% of the installed networks, with 34% focused on specialized government uses.
The "dominant political theory" in England from the mid-seventeenth century well into the nineteenth was "the age-old theory of mixed government.