Mixed government

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MIXED GOVERNMENT. A government composed of some of the powers of a monarchical, aristocratical, and democratical government. See Government.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I meant by irrelevance only his clinging to the English notion of mixed government (monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy) long after his fellow Americans had abandoned it.
On the other side were the villains--those defending monarchy, aristocracy, mixed government, religious bigotry, colonialism, and slavery.
"This was the medal that we Filipinos all aspired for and I am so happy that I did it," said Diaz, who stands to collect a cool R6 million from mixed government and private sector funding.
"I think mixed government works, Republican governor and a Democratic legislature has worked," said Sen.
This dispute over political authority elided with the Parliament's appropriation of notions of popular sovereignty and mixed government. In an effort to assuage subscribers' consciences, pamphleteers like Henry Parker justified the Protestation by distinguishing the office of the king from the man (108-109).
He discusses the conviction that a government of the people is wiser than the government of a prince; the view that that the best constitutional arrangement is a mixed government and that a free government needs citizens inspired by a sincere love of country and a strong commitment to uphold the common good; the belief that the Christian religion properly interpreted supports republican freedom; and the persuasion that a fine army composed of citizens is needed to defend the liberty of citizens.
The committee on Monday will discuss the fate of the current government: a cabinet reshuffle, the formation of a new government of national unity, or the formation of a mixed government which would include representatives of allPalestinian factions as well as some independents.
van Plolthoon argues that the Hume of the History assigns a paramount role to royal authority in the emergence of a mixed government in England.
He also added that at present the mixed government system is the most beneficial for Armenia.
Geza Poprady, State Secretary of Public Administration from Hungary's Ministry of Rural Development, said a mixed government and private UAE delegation will visit Hungary in the next two months.
The mixed government messages and a cautious RBI are exacerbating the perceived vulnerability of a country suffering from a record-high current account deficit in the midst of a global downturn sparked by potential tapering in U.S.
Aziz Kirchen, representing President Marzouki's Congress for the Republic (CPR), said an agreement had been reached for "the formation of a mixed government" of politicians and technocrats, but without giving details.