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The mixed metaphors are, i) "I've got a gut feeling in my stomach"; ii) "Glenn is putting his head in the frying pan"; and, iii) "I can see a carrot at the end of the tunnel.
Actually, about as many as there are mixed metaphors.
When Bush flies solo we get "Kosovarians," "full exposure" for full disclosure, and such hilarious mixed metaphors as John McCain "can't take the high horse and claim the low road.
His arrangements are also mixed metaphors of sorts.
When invoking images of corruption, Hill consistently uses mixed metaphors or combines concrete and abstract words in phrases such as "blades / of oblation" (11) or "detantes of corpse-gas" (12).
The radio legacy is perhaps also responsible for the sheer number of rhetorical questions and the unfortunate mixed metaphors of which 'arming the watchdogs with the knowledge weapon might break the bank' is an especially gruesome example.
In past Word Ways articles, I've differentiated between true mixed metaphors, which combine incongruous, absurd, or unreal images ("It's the whole kettle of fish in a nutshell") and what I call mashed metaphors--where clashing tropes and cliches aren't contradictory or impossible, but which nevertheless create an awkward and ludicrous effect because of their proximity ("Investors smelling trouble can vote with their feet").
The news caused a huge outcry, as media pundits, ballroom buffs, celebrities, and even the odd politician all weighed in to say how sorry they would be to see her and her mixed metaphors go.
As for the BANANA bunch then that may be a more difficult nut to crack, if you pardon our mixed metaphors.