Mixed property

MIXED PROPERTY. That kind of property which is not altogether real nor personal, but a compound of both. Heir-looms, tomb-stones, monuments in a church, and title deeds to an estate, are of this nature. 1 Ch. Pr. 95; 2 Bl. Com. 428; 3 Barn. Adolph. 174; 4 Bing. R. 106; S. C. 13 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 362.

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Contract notice: Design and construction of a mixed property complex: Hotel, Residence for assets or housing, Offices, Shops for a total of about 11,500 m 2 of sdp and 250 parking lots.
The property, which is a mixed property, includes residential, health care facilities and retail.
Anyway based on my international experience in developed city like in Florida I see that there are mixed property developments where hotel and condominiums are built in the same building which offers great potentials.
Comment: Property swap, BL sells 21 Tesco Superstore JV, buys 2 Tesco-anchored mixed property JVs
In a more formalised sense Scruton is keen to see a reliance on the mixed property regimes emphasised by the late Elinor Ostrom.
Since it's doing a mixed property development, I feel that eventually, Megaworld would go back (to higher valuations).
In its analysis the report catalogued a current total of approximately 960,000 residential units of mixed property types within the
He added: "With a mixed property portfolio, we can see both upsides and downsides and asset management experience will be more important than ever, an expertise which the group is well placed to provide.
The company is building a mixed property portfolio comprising land and industrial, retail, leisure and office units.
The company is building a mixed property portfolio comprising land and industrial, retail, leisure and office units, and said last December that it was well on its way to building a pounds 100m portfolio within five years.
The management team, headed by Julia Reeve, also saw a successful quarter, gaining the management of the 83,000 sq ft Grade A office building, 134 Edmund Street for Oppenheim Property Fund Management, together with a large mixed property portfolio.
WARWICK-BASED IM Properties has sold a mixed property portfolio of over one million sq ft to Henderson Investors for pounds 75.