mob law

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Mob law is not the right way and Reid should be ashamed of himself to insist on consistently raising this rabble-rousing banner for his own purposes.
It was to satirise the way the media covers the issue of paedophilia, which encourages lynch mob law and vigilanteism.
The first three chapters focus on how law and mob law, formal and informal justice, coexisted harmoniously on and off the plantation, although there is a particular emphasis on the issues of slavery, property, and race.
Christopher Waldrep argues that lynching was more common than generally appreciated and, less surprisingly, that `the horror of racial violence and mob law occupied a universe parallel to but distinct from the language used to describe it'.
It is thus a sort of narrative reflection of the violence borne by these two would-be protectors and defenders against white lynch mob law enforcement, as are the other scars and marks which attest to Ed's and Digger's life work.
Still, there's nothing in mob law to stop you praying that someone will have a coronary.