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The line, which would eventually stretch a quarter-mile around the entire block-sized church, was to be unaccountably present for precisely five minutes; and if, during this time, a bypasser asked the mobbers what they were lining up for, they were to respond that they "heard they're selling Strokes tickets.
MAY I add my signature to the growing list of potential angry mobbers, currently standing with David Banks and Harry Morrison (Voice of the North, August 18) wishing to dispense with those modern day abominations, the self-service tills in supermarkets?
The flash mobbers in the Lower Precinct (above), and (right) after the event.
And flash mobbers congregated for a second time in the Bullring this week for a "silent rave".
As will be obvious to any old-style flash mobbers who read "My Crowd" [Experiment, March], "Bill Wasik" is not the "Bill" who was the source for my flash mob stories in the New York Times.
Attended by Pissdrunx, Warner Mobbers and Hollywood luminaries alike, the ceremony went off without a hitch.