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Sitting at a table--several mobility devices have front steering and controls, so the user cannot easily and discreetly pull up to a table.
We learn more and more about the importance of exercise, yet fail to make a connection with the fact that sometimes a mobility device can be a means for a person to exercise," he explains.
About one-third of individuals with MS report using a mobility device at least some of the time, according to a large-scale study by Harris Interactive done on behalf of the National MS Society in 2011.
While more research is needed to understand the relationship between using mobility devices and fall risk, our study suggests this may not be the major contributor.
investigated the use of the Segway[R] Personal Transporter device (Segway Inc; Bedford, New Hampshire), another powered mobility device for persons with limited ambulatory ability, such as people with MS or lower-limb amputations [43].
These developments led us to take a closer look at the electronic mobility devices that are available on the market and to determine what is known about their possible impact on the everyday lives of people who use these devices.
The PMC agrees with CMS that the treating physician is in the best position to assess the need for power mobility devices, but is concerned that, in order to fully succeed, CMS and its contractors will have to conduct a comprehensive review of the benefit for physicians, the organization said in a statement.
Like other small electric mobility devices such as other scooters, wheelchairs and bicycles, a Segway runs on pennies per day.
Caption: Dainuri Rott, left, helps Reese Levasseur learn the controller on the One Disk water mobility device.
The mobility device will initially be used by police departments, security companies and large-scale event organisers worldwide.
Models on display include the Honda S660 CONCEPT, an open-top sports-type mini-vehicle, the NSX CONCEPT, the next-generation super sports model and the all-new UNI-CUB, a personal mobility device developed under the theme of "harmony with people.
It barred any infringing Motorola Mobility device from being imported into the United States.

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