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By the above corollaries, we can establish almost completely the minimal model theory for any log canonical 4-fold (X, [DELTA]) such that [DELTA] is big.
In the turn slip model theory, the aligning moment and the lateral force are functions of two sets of parameters ([P.
This approximation property relates to the model theory of valued fields since it is elementary for definable S.
The fact that most participants accept MP as frequently as MT inferences in 'B except if A' corroborates the model theory, which postulates that both inferences can be obtained from the initial representation.
Our main proposal, which falls within the framework of model theory, is to show that people have in mind different initial representations when they understand and think with the exceptive conditional.
From this suggestion--which is still problematic in that it does not take model theory into consideration--it might be inferred that Derrida's thinking is logically articulable with a model-theoretical semantics.
The Standard Model theory for how the universe works states particles make up atoms and molecules and all the matter.
We outline a mental model theory of conditional reasoning and consider the possibilities people keep in mind to understand 'unless' and disjunctive conditionals.
Apart from the two introductory papers the papers are technical and require a background in modal logic and model theory.
The mental model theory (MMT) is one of the most influential theories of cognition and reasoning.
Comparison of Constructs in Commonly Used and Emerging Health Behavior Models and Theories with Polytheoretical Framework Constructs Construct Health Protection Belief Motivation Model Theory Environment Cues to Action (#) Physical Environment Information Environment Health Behavior Specific Environment Technological Environment Health Care Environment Social Environment Culture Social Support Economic X Environment Political Environment Observational Learning Internal Resources Knowledge X Abilities & Skills Psychology X Biology X Habits & Lifestyle Outcome Expectations
In the early twentieth century under Hilbert's influence, logic became the tool of metamathematics, whose concern was the analysis of axiomatic theories for consistency, completeness, and independence, becoming aligned in the end with set theory and abstract model theory.

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