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MODERATOR. A person appointed to preside at a popular meeting; sometimes he is called a chairman.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The neutron C[H.sub.2] moderator 4 is inserted inside the channel.
According to The Washington Post, moderators accused YouTube of lenient punishments for top video creators, including Logan Paul, Steven Crowder, and PewDiePie, who roll in more money through ads in the company.
Content moderators, The Post reports, have no control over what he or she was going to see whether the feed would show him an Islamic State murder or a child being forced into sex with an animal" Asked to estimate the number of violent images he saw over the course of eight months of reviewing Twitter and YouTube content, a Filipino content moderator said 'Too many to count.'" Lester estimates that he reviewed roughly 10 murders a month.
A counselor in Austin, who is one of five on staff for roughly 450 moderators spread across several offices in the Texas capital, said the job could cause a form of PTSD known as vicarious trauma.
In the address the moderator spoke of the role of presbytery.
Content moderators reveal what it's like to watch most disturbing material on web
Reports of offensive posts from users who see them online go into a queue for review by moderators. The most serious categories, including terrorism, are handled first.
The bug, which was discovered in November 2016, exposed personal details of moderators to suspected terrorist users of the social networking site.
The British daily newspaper The Guardian published information from leaked documents from Facebook on Wednesday, including from the moderators' handbook.
Paul's; Kouchibouquac, Knox; Full-time minister for a three-point charge; Interim Moderator Rev.
Cruz's allies were thrilled that he called out the moderators, with a number of surrogates telling reporters the senator "took control" of a debate veering into triviality.