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COMMUNICATION, contracts. Information; consultation; conference.
     2. In order to make a contract, it is essential there should be an agreement; a bare communication or conference will not, therefore, amount to a contract; nor can evidence of such communication be received in order to take from, contradict, or alter a written agreement. 1 Dall. 426; 4 Dall. 340; 3 Serg. & Rawle, 609. Vide Pour-parler; Wharton's Dig. Evid. R.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For the most part, it seems strange that in this day of modern communication Canadians seem more knowledgeable in discussing events happening in the Middle East than they do in discussing the cares and concerns of the Native peoples who have resided in Canada for more than 12,000 years.
The primary goal of the "50x15" initiative is to leverage the benefits technology provides to enable economic-growth potential in high-growth regions of the world largely untouched by modern communication tools.
But with modern travel has come modern communication such as e-mail with person-to-person cameras, texts and of course the telephone.''
The financial networks that help terrorists conduct their attacks show how modern communication technology and the globalization of commerce also help unregulated offshore insurers swindle U.S.
Mr Davies said: "In future business will increasingly be conducted via modern communication technology and it is crucial that we actively are helping Welsh businesses to tackle the potential barriers to using e-commerce.
They also seek better access to the investment market for SMEs, the abolition of public monopolies, and modern communication infrastructures across Europe, notably in remote regions...JJ:(HB)ENERGY:
How would you define the meaning and purpose of truth as it applies to modern communication? Is it the quality of being in accordance with reality, facts and experience?
Training products developed to implement the advanced distributed learning initiative (ADLI) use modern communication technology to deliver high-quality training to service members.
West Group (Eagan, MN) has released Modern Communication Law, a three- volume hardbound treatise includes analyses of a variety of law and policy relating to virtually all modern means of individual and mass communications.
Of course mobiles are an essential modern communication aid and essential for any woman driving alone, but isn't it time to outlaw using all, but hands-free mobiles, in our cars?
He sees modern communication technology helping to keep cultural diversity alive.
Surprisingly few contributions dealt directly with modern communication technologies, even if the digital revolution clearly informed the curators' overall conception of the exhibition.