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Moderne also introduced the next iteration of its Accelerator program: Moderne Passport Program ("Passport"), a seven-month industry immersion program designed for technology companies of all stages and sizes.
Depuis une quinzaine d'annees, les situations qualifiees et denoncees comme etant de l'esclavage moderne ont donne lieu a un nombre consequent de publications interrogeant les enjeux des situations dans leur diversite.
Il nous semble, au contraire, que ce poeme est traverse par un rejet (tant structurel--presque la moitie des vers sont en rejet--que polemique) du spectacle de la guerre moderne qui s'articule autour de la figure centrale d'un soldat inconnu, moins pour chanter l'eloge de cette mort pour la patrie que pour souligner la fragilite du vivant a l'ere de la guerre moderne.
Les objectifs assignes du cet article sont d'analyser les problematiques fondamentales soulevees par le dialogue interreligieux dans la Roumanie moderne (1859-- 1918).
One area of design where art deco, or, more accurately, the moderne style, came to the fore in Britain was in ceramics, centred largely around the activities of two women designers.
Peut-etre emprunte-t-elle d'ailleurs l'adjectif << moderne >> a Mlle Lheritier qui fait allusion aux << savantes modernes >> dans ses OEuvres melees.
Meccaniche Moderne SPA Mid American Machine Mid-American Machine & Equipment M.
Goodpasture has been shooting pictures of Kidsports' baseball, softball, basketball, football, soccer and volleyball players for Moderne Studios of Eugene-Springfield for 27 years.
Any interested in either studying or collecting art deco ironwork simply must have Art Deco Ironwork And Sculpture: it's the definitive guide to the topic, presenting over 500 pieces in detail on pages which pair photos with history of the Moderne Art movement in Paris.
The exhibit, entitled "Paris Moderne: Art Deco Works from the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris," consists of more than 75 paintings, sculptures, and pieces of furniture never before seen together outside the City of Light.
The project will incorporate the historically significant Streamline Moderne facade of the existing commercial complex on the site.
But streamlined extruded aluminum (you'll find it at Brown Jordan showrooms) or polished stainless steel inspired by '50s moderne are on the cutting edge.