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On 1 January 2000 all the most avant-garde artists and Modernists became old hat.
In Italy, the progressive image of Modernism was adopted by the Fascists as it arose, but in Germany much Modernist architecture had been produced by left-wing cities and building societies in the late 1920s, so the associations were different.
Barnhisel's chapter headings provide an overview of the vast scope of his research: "'Advancing American Art': Modernist Painting and Public-Private Partnerships" (about the controversial overseas State Department exhibit held in the late 1940s that was terminated by the USG in large part because its non-representational displays offended some U.
I believe that part of the confusion in Tolkien and the Modernists lies in Nicolay's paradoxically vague use of the definite article.
Most of the criticisms, however, are narratological or impressionistic, and only a few critics analyzed the linguistic features of modernist literature and argued they formally mirror the chaotic, formless modern society and are thus negative critiques of it.
Yubraj Aryal interviewed Peter Nicholls on New Modernist Studies.
Pare's photos of the derelict Vasileostrovski Factory Kitchen, also in St Petersburg, illustrate the way in which collapsing modernist structures show up the limitations the Russian modernists faced.
Utilizing categories previously employed by theologian Roger Olson, Utzinger argues that "centered set" movements such as fundamentalism and modernism overlapped with "bounded set" denominations, forcing fundamentalists and modernists to develop and articulate different eeclesiologies.
During his 45 years of active practice, Barnes gave eloquent voice to his own interpretation of modernist design principles in a wide variety of building types and settings.
We'll never know if such a thought crossed Atta's mind in his final moments, but it wouldn't have been the first time terrorists saw modernist architecture as a weird imperialist imposition.
The book redresses the somewhat baffling neglect of music in general histories of modernism, while--not coincidentally at the same time--bringing the creative artists of Germany fully into the modernist story.