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Modir moved to Canada in 2002 and settled in Toronto, which has large Iranian and Greek communities and lots of pita.
Regarding the final task, the results of the analysis of the responses and the post-task comments of the respondents revealed that for the women in the man-woman situation an utterance like "inghadr az in modir natars" ("don't be so scared of the head teacher") was served mostly to be the indication of complaint rather than reprimand and this is perhaps why complaints accounted for nearly half of the responses in this situation.
First, there are the obedient but insensitive sons: "Beis mery modir, and mende youre chere;/ This worlde beis drowned, withouten drede" (9.
In this group, I have found the following examples: in the name of the, inpe name, in the high haly gast, inpe name of my fadir, inpe honnoure of my modir dere, etc.
This is the first time that Canada wins two gold medals in the same year--Amirali Modir Shanechi of Ontari also won a gold medal for the International Physics Olympiad in Pohang, South Korea, in July 2004.