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said Adam, with the same gentle modulation of voice as when he spoke to Seth.
It was the quality of it, the repose, and the musical modulation - the soft, rich, indefinable product of culture and a gentle soul.
The two young men were the only talkers, but they, standing by the fire, talked over the too common neglect of the qualification, the total inattention to it, in the ordinary school-system for boys, the consequently natural, yet in some instances almost unnatural, degree of ignorance and uncouthness of men, of sensible and well-informed men, when suddenly called to the necessity of reading aloud, which had fallen within their notice, giving instances of blunders, and failures with their secondary causes, the want of management of the voice, of proper modulation and emphasis, of foresight and judgment, all proceeding from the first cause: want of early attention and habit; and Fanny was listening again with great entertainment.
In Deleuze's own words: 'enclosures are moulds, distinct mouldings, but controls are modulations, like an auto-deforming mould that would continuously change from one moment to the other'.
Different AMC techniques and algorithms were developed and are still developing for different modulations [3].
Conventionally, optical modulators are realized by taking advantages of inherent material properties, including 1) electro-optic effects in nonlinear optical materials (LiNbO3 crystals or polymers) that are found in fiber optic processors [1-3]; 2) alignment of polarizations in liquid crystals, which are key components in display technologies [4,5]; 3) electro-absorption effects in quantum wells, or silicon, which are generally applied in integrated optics [6-9]; 4) acousto-optic effects by refractive modulations in silica glasses using ultrasound waves [10, 11], and 5) magneto-optics [12,13].
These and other modulations can be created using an El Toro signal generator with a complex modulation capability and a computer to download the custom waveforms.
Comprehensive calculation of link availability and performance for all modulations
Current design efforts in mobile telephone systems are applying digital modulations in place of former analog methods.
Communication Systems: Fundamentals and Design Methods" provides a rigorous mathematical treatment of modulations, covering well-established analog techniques, such as AM and FM, and the more advanced digital formats, such as QAM and CDMA.
The easy-to-read plain-language report has more than 50 tables and charts, including figures showing salient features of DOCSIS, download comparison times, QPSK and QAM modulations, cable infrastructure, diagnostics and market shares.
The result is a powerful digital vector signal analysis measurement system that delivers precise, accurate modulation measurements on the digitized communication signals found in today's DSP- (digital signal processor) based radio transceivers used in cell phones, base stations, satellite and military communications systems, and radar applications.