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His office on Wednesday dismissed allegations circulating on social media that Mr Moi had died.
Fake news maliciously circulated regarding the well-being of Moi is completely untrue and ill-intentioned rumour peddled," the ministry said in a statement.
We are honored to partner with the MOI once again in such a pertinent cause and we look forward to supporting them in their endeavors.
The MOI has already been approved by the Federal Cabinet in its meeting held on January 3, 2018.
For some strange and excessively laid-back reason, Moi and her handlers have failed to come up with a new starrer for her.
Talks lasting up to nine hours were conducted Wednesday between the MOI, the NWL and the Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee to make the league and its financial sources more transparent, but the negotiations crashed to a halt Friday when the NWL announced that it would not sign a deal the three parties had previously agreed to.
It is further clarified that the SECP follows the directions issued by the MOI from time to time in true spirit and the proposed Companies (Compliance and Reporting) Regulations, 2017, are in line with the directions and the existing policy of the MOI.
With only four runs on the board Diamonds Pour Moi has plenty of scope for improvement and, while she could do with a bit of rain, she is worth chancing given her plum draw in a race containing plenty of hold-up performers.
Week the MoI and Cisco also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 17, 2016-Jakks Pacific Acquires Children's Skincare Brand C'est Moi
From January 1 till September 20 this year, the MoI handled 92,113 instant chats with the public, with an average response time of 31 seconds per each chat request and a 90 per cent general satisfaction rate, according to Brigadier Hussein Ahmed Al Harthi, director-general of the communication and electronic service department at the MoI.
When football season ended in high school, Jonah Moi moved on to rugby.