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1 Prevents misfolding and promotes the refolding and proper assembly of unfolded polypeptides generated under stress conditions 2 Necessary for efficient RNA polymerase transcription elongation past template- encoded arresting sites 3 A molecular chaperone, thought to be involved in the initiation step of translation at high temperature.
Heat-shock proteins, molecular chaperones, and the stress response evolutionary and ecological physiology.
It was known that the molecular chaperone, HspB1, was present in the hallmark plaque of Alzheimer's patients but its role remained a mystery.
LOS ANGELES -- CytRx Corporation (Nasdaq: CYTR), a biopharmaceutical company specializing in oncology, today announced that it has sold the worldwide rights to its molecular chaperone assets to privately-held, Copenhagen, Denmark-based Orphazyme ApS.
Recent studies have shown that Heat Shock Protein 90 (Hsp90), a molecular chaperone that mediates maturation and activation of client proteins, plays a critical role in establishing resistance to radiation therapy.
Arimoclomol's underlying molecular chaperone amplification method of action has shown promising clinical and preclinical study results in inhibiting the progression of ALS, a debilitating disease that currently lacks effective therapeutic treatment.
Several pharmaceutical companies are evaluating partnership opportunities to advance development of our molecular chaperone assets.
LOS ANGELES -- CytRx Corporation (NASDAQ:CYTR), a biopharmaceutical company and a leader in molecular chaperone regulation technology, today announced that a paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Gerontology concluded that molecular chaperone amplification may represent a "significant strategy" in the future design of anti-aging pharmaceuticals.
They identified seven classes of compounds (based on chemical structure) that all enhance the cell's ability to make more protective molecular chaperones, which restore proper protein folding.
While originally known as intracellular molecular chaperones, it is now well recognized that HSPs are also released from cells, and these extracellular forms play a critical role in various pathological conditions, including cancer and inflammation.
Some subjects discussed are molecular chaperones in normal and pathologic states, genetic polymorphism of immunoproteasome and its functional value, and genetic polymorphism of alpha-1-inhibitor of proteinases and its clinical value.
a leading provider of immunoassay kits, antibodies, and reagents to the life science and translational research markets, has announced the release of the first commercially available multiplex assay dedicated to the analysis of heat shock proteins and molecular chaperones, the MultiBead(TM)* HSP/Chaperone 8-Plex Kit.

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