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Poly(1,4-cis-isoprene)s from natural sources had comparable molecular features, such as molecular mass, molecular mass distribution, steric purity and glass transition temperature.
Their defensins are similar in molecular mass, N-terminal sequence and antifungal potency.
res] molecular mass with that of cattle BSE, and comparative labeling with 2 antibodies, P4 and Bar233, against either the N terminal end or core part of the [PrP.
For the endogenous molecular mass markers, we measured albumin on an Abbott Architect c8000 analyzer (Abbott Diagnostics) using the urine albumin assay, and prolactin on an Elecsys 1010 analyzer (Roche Diagnostics).
The tops of the curves are on the valid axis which is perpendicular to the imaginary axis, while their curvature decreases with the growth of molecular mass.
A similar dependence of exchange reactions on molecular mass may take place also in PBT/PCL blends.
One important unknown in the processing of silsesquioxanes is the "degree-of-condensation" as a function of molecular mass.
infinity]] decreases (density of net decreases) with the increase of the portion of SKEPT-D and ClSKEPT-D, while, accordingly, density of knots of space net of covulcanizates decreases and molecular mass of polymers between knots of the net increases.
Molecular mass determination using sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacryiamide gel electrophoresis, gel filtration, and N-terminal amino acid sequencing
The molecular mass distribution of [gamma]-glutamyltransferase and alkaline phosphatase activity levels (determined by use of high-pressure gel permeation chromatography) also showed a macromolecular character: 75.
The characteristics of H-type and L-type BSE (6,13) that were sought included 1) a higher or lower molecular mass of unglycosylated PrPres with core antibodies in H-type and L-type BSE compared with C-type BSE, 2) a lower proportion of diglycosylated PrPres in L-type BSE, and 3) presence of an additional band at [approximately equal to] 14 kDa with SAF84 in H-type BSE.
Researchers in various biological sciences explain methods for analyzing metabolomes: all low molecular mass compounds synthesized and modified by a living cell or organism.

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