Molotov cocktail

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The Bahrainis are standing trial at the High Criminal Court in connection to attempted murder, possessing Molotov cocktails and rioting.
But he accidently dropped the Molotov cocktail into a bag filled with nine other Molotov cocktails, and set them all alight.
A Molotov cocktail is a generic name used for a variety of bottle-based improvised incendiary weapons.
The Turkish MFA said that the Turkish government noted with pleasure the statement of the spokesman of the Greek government condemning the molotov cocktail attack.
Investigators recovered a scorched sock from one of the fire scenes, which was sparked by a Molotov cocktail, and sent it to a crime lab for DNA testing.
It's very doubtful that the boys responsible for throwing the Molotov cocktail were under the influence of alcohol and whoever they were they didn't stay around to witness what they did, preferring instead to throw and run as fast as they could in the opposite direction.
Mascall, who had previous convictions for offences including assault, harassment and making threats to kill, told the police he had the Molotov cocktail for bravado and had no intention of using it.
Al Joseph DeGuzman had amassed pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails and five types of rifles in late 2000--and was arrested only after a photo lab worker saw snapshots of his arsenal and called police.
According to Dagens Industri, a Swedish business newspaper, the director of the Hatsina factory is surprised about the Finnish history of the Molotov cocktail and he has said that what is on the back of the bottles is what he was taught at school about 30 years ago.
TAP) - "Tuesday's Molotov cocktail attack on a Jewish Synagogue at Hara Kbira in Djerba-Houmet Souk is nothing but an act of vandalism", said spokesman for the court of first instance of Medenine.
16 (BNA): The Interior Ministry said a Molotov cocktail attack targeted a police patrol at 6:00 PM in Karbabad village.
Manama A girls' elementary school has been targeted in the latest Molotov cocktail attack, Bahrain's education ministry has said.