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Moments of Life' shows that choosing hospice can give patients the care they need, while also providing them with final moments of joy, peace and comfort.
Dubai Moments Credit Card gives residents an opportunity to show their affinity towards the city and get to know Dubai "Up Close and Personal.
Thus, seizing important moments can help you speed along and generate more momentum.
Museum curators have chosen 10 iconic moments across five categories - film, photography, radio, television and the web.
The little, seemingly meaningless things you do from moment to moment combine together to create the life you live.
Finally, for each of them, "The Soul," as the third stanza of the poem that begins this essay proclaims, also has</p> <pre> moments of Escape-- When bursting all the doors--
As the only Westerner on the panel I am conscious of this nervousness but totally unprepared for the moment when Arata Isozaki lets slip his deep resentment of the current European prizewinning surge.
The possible existence of a nonzero electric dipole moment (EDM) of the neutron is of great fundamental interest in itself and directly impacts our understanding of the nature of electro-weak and strong interactions.
The public was asked to vote for their best TV moment in categories of drama, comedy, sport factual and entertainment in a BBC1 show.
Viewers were asked to vote for their favourite television moment, and Kelly was crowned last night as the golden girl.
KELLY HOLMES' Olympic win has been voted last year's Golden TV Moment.
Do you think maybe his meals are moments of particular joy and wonder, his honest food earned honestly by an honest man?