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Isn't it the Saudi nationals who should be held responsible for facilitating their entry into the country for some monetary gains by first selling visas to them and then getting them iqama?
Talking to reporters after submitting his nomination papers here at Provincial Election Commission, JI Central Ameer Sirajul Haq said vote was sacred thing and should not be use for monetary gains.
He urged companies and individuals not to deal with people like the suspect who endanger the lives of others for illegal monetary gains.
No details about the monetary gains of Iran or removal of sanctions against the country during this period were released, the state IRIB TV said.
Youth, as partners, are looking for quick solutions for immediate monetary gains this perspective can often result in frustration.
Expected monetary gains compelled Naureen to contact Eman Butt again and demanded her boy back.
He had travelled to Dubai during the last week of January and he agreed to smuggle gold into India in return for monetary gains.
It appears the men, who are usually middle-aged, agree to the sham marriage for monetary gains.
He plays a timecop popping back from 2004 to prevent a sinister senator (played by Ron Silver) from altering the course of history for his own monetary gains.
On the other hand, Taliban had rejected the monetary plan of the Afghan government CAand said they were fighting for the emancipation of their land and people instead of CAany monetary gains.
Some topics considered include anabolic steroid abuse in bodybuilders, past sexual abuse in men with substance use problems, and the relationship between personality scales of impulsiveness and discounting of monetary gains and losses in smokers and never-smokers.
There is a lot of upheaval at first but there are monetary gains to be made.