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We view this act as only a means by the organiser to deceive Mr President and scoop monetary gains at the expense of ever dynamic and resourceful Yoruba Youths.
To a query, he said interests of the nation and country were above all monetary gains or losses, adding that the provincial government all ready to highlight the soft image of Pakistan in the world.
Modi alleged that Lalu's family robbed the state people by various means only for monetary gains.
In Experiment 1, we predicted that air quality (equated to money) would be more steeply discounted than monetary gains and monetary losses because other outcomes are often discounted to a greater degree than money (Friedel et al.
With monetary gains being a key motivating factor, salary was stated as their next top reason
Of principal concern is an educated estimate of BSPs monetary gains from the project.
Isn't it the Saudi nationals who should be held responsible for facilitating their entry into the country for some monetary gains by first selling visas to them and then getting them iqama?
He urged companies and individuals not to deal with people like the suspect who endanger the lives of others for illegal monetary gains.
No details about the monetary gains of Iran or removal of sanctions against the country during this period were released, the state IRIB TV said.
Youth, as partners, are looking for quick solutions for immediate monetary gains this perspective can often result in frustration.
He had travelled to Dubai during the last week of January and he agreed to smuggle gold into India in return for monetary gains.
He plays a timecop popping back from 2004 to prevent a sinister senator (played by Ron Silver) from altering the course of history for his own monetary gains.