Money bills

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MONEY BILLS, legislation. Pills or projects of laws providing for raising revenue, and for making grants or appropriations of the public treasure.
     2. The first clause of the seventh section of the constitution of the United States declares, "all bills for raising revenue shall originate in the house of representatives; but the senate may propose or concur with amendments, as on other bills." Vide Story on the Const. Sec. 871 to 877.
     3. What bills are properly "bills for raising revenue," in the sense of the constitution, has been matter of some discussion. Tucker's Black. App. 261 and note; Story, Sec. 877. In practice, the power has been confined to levy taxes in the strict sense of the words, and has not been understood to extend to bills for other purposes, which may incidentally create revenue. Story, Ibid.; 2 Elliott's Debates, 283, 284.

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Nevertheless, proposals for an exclusive House privilege to initiate money bills recurred several times, usually as appendages to the issue of legislative representation.
There reports that the BJP may stage a walkout of the House to register its protest on various issues, allowing the government to pass the crucial money bills without a hitch.
We print money bills and mint coins at our security printing plant in Quezon City as our plant capacity is adequate for our requirements.
Democrats will also certainly initiate money bills out of the House, and with 51 senators "they'll be able to push their agenda and put college issues they want in the spotlight," Hess said.
At the end of his speech Senator Murphy tabled a list of 169 occasions when Labor Oppositions had attempted to oppose money Bills in the Senate for the sole purpose of forcing the Government of the day to face the people at an early election.
In the morning of the grave-visiting ceremony around 40 family members, including those who came from Taipei and Kaohsiung, burned mock money bills, zhiqian, for use in the afterworld.
Daniels, citing the budget impasse, announced that the Justice Department would not release $651 million, already earmarked for local projects, until the money bills become law next year.
On the revenue side, all money bills were directed to originate in the U.
finds itself They tend to forget, or don't want to remember, that Congress passes the money bills and allocates funds for these projects.
In the aggregate, they reflect two trends: (1) increasing popular control over money bills and (2) the division of the "money bill" concept into components.
Meanwhile ex-England manager Fabio Capello can be seen rolling seedily on a bed covered in money bills, in an image reminiscent of Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal, and Sven Goran-Eriksson doesn't quite manage to reproduce the image that had female bond fans drooling over Daniel Craig, it said.
That session involves the passage of money bills and other important legislative business for which the Opposition needs to be taken on board.