Money counts

MONEY COUNTS, pleadings. The common counts in an action of assumpsit are so called, because they are founded on express or implied promises to pay money in consideration of a precedent debt; they are of four descriptions: 1. The indebitatus assumpsit. (q.v.) 2. The quantum meruit. (q.v.) 3. The quantum valebant. (q.v.) and, 4. The account stated. (q.v.) 2. Although the plaintiff cannot resort to an implied promise when there is a general contract, yet he may, in many cases, recover on the common counts, notwithstanding there was a special agreement, provided it has been executed. 1 Camp. 471; 12 East, 1; 7 Cranch, Rep. 299; 10 Mass. Rep. 287; 7 Johns. Rep. 132; 10 John. Rep. 136; 5 Mass. Rep. 391. It is therefore advisable to insert the money counts in an action of assumpsit, when suing on a special contract. 1 Chit. Pl. 333, 4.

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Another is that money counts, and things work better if you can at least get the candidates in front of as many voters as possible.
It's also good to win the Players Championship because that money counts towards my world ranking while the Premier League doesn't.
The scheme is also considerably cheaper to run for you at the Welsh Office - and I know how much money counts to you
Karen Saunders Money counts for a lot it seems as it wasn't his looks that swooned them clearly.
bishops and recent popes have been clear that when it comes to our spiritual journeys and faith lives, money counts.
A percentage of the prize money counts towards the Challenge Tour Order of Merit and will give the Woodsome Hallbased professional an opportunity to make a move up the board.
In this challenging economy, every opportunity to save money counts.
For a charitable organisation that money counts for a lot and funds for everything we have.
Meanwhile, a Money Counts workshop at Etone recently helped to raise pounds 1,880 for school funds.
But that is a decision he's got to take, "He's got to decide how much the loyalty, and everything we have given him, counts and how much money counts if he is able to get more elsewhere - which, frankly, I doubt.